9 Tips For Long-lasting Extensions

Extensions make your hair look longer and fuller. Extensions are the easiest way to give your hair a makeover. ‘Whether it is long hair or colored hair, you can get the hair of your dreams with extensions. However, to enjoy the beauty of your extensions, you must take proper care of your hair extensions. 

Moreover, even experts say that care for extensions is comparatively more important than your natural hair. You must be extra cautious with your extensions to retain them for longer simply because your extensions don’t get the required nutrients from your scalp! So, we are here with a list of the top nine hair care tips for your extensions. 

9 Tips For Retaining Your Hair Extensions For Longer Span

Mentioned below are the top nine tips to ensure a longer span for your hair extensions; 

Don’t Go All Out On Hair Wash & Avoid Conditioners 

Your natural hair can get the oil from your scalp, but extensions can’t. Therefore, you must limit the number of hair washes per week. Wash your hair twice a week to keep your scalp clean and also maintain the health of your extensions. Also, avoid using conditioners since shampoo and conditioners have chemicals that can take away the shine of your extensions. 

Keeps Your Hands Away From Your Hair

While taking a bath, make sure that you keep your hands away from the bonds as much as possible. Do not necessarily swirl your hands into your hair or use harsh/drying shampoos. Try using a small shower to clean your hair and let water flow naturally through your hair extensions. This will prevent your hair from tangling and damaging. 

Minimize The Use Of A Dryer/Blower 

Using a blower or a dryer can have a negative impact on the hair extension bonds. So, it is best advised to avoid using a blower or a dryer. In case it is essential to use them, ensure that you use them straight on the hair and not directly on the scalp. Ensure that the dryer doesn’t round the bonds, as regular heat can melt or damage the bonds and also your natural hair & roots. You can also turn to towel drying your hair till you have extensions on! 

Don’t Go To Sleep With Wet Head

The next tip is to not sleep with a wet head. If you wash your hair just before bedtime, make sure you do not lie down with wet hair. This tip is of utmost importance if you wish to retain your hair extensions for longer. Sleeping with wet extensions can lead to the tangling of hair and bonds the following day. This can further lead to the breakage of your natural hair and result in early fallout. Plus, tangled extensions will make gentle brushing a next-to-impossible task.

Keep Separating The Bonds From Each Other

This tip should be a part of your everyday hair care routine. Separate the bonds of extensions every day, and ensure that they are away and not disturbing each other. Though it might seem like a hectic task, it is essential that you follow this step. Separating the bonds will preserve the roots of your natural hair and eliminate tangles. If you wish your extensions to last longer, it is essential that you follow this step. 

Brush Your Hair Gently

Your extensions are bonded to your natural hair using an adhesive, keratin bond, or synthetic thread. Regardless of the medium, any external stress or force on the extension bonds can lead to damage not only to the extensions but also to your natural hair. Therefore, you need to take special care while brushing your hair. Once you have separated your bonds, run your brush gently through the hair and extensions. A gentle brush will detangle the hair and make it straight. Just remember to start from the bottom and slowly move upwards. 

Oil Your Hair Regularly

Oiling your natural hair is essential, but it is even more important for hair extensions. Your natural hair can get the required nutrients from the scalp, but that is not the case with hair extensions. So, to maintain the quality of the extensions, you must regularly oil them. Oil your extensions at least once a week, and provide them with the care they need so that they can be retained for a long time and stay beautiful and shiny. 

Take Proper Protection While Going Out

Hair extensions are, without a speck of a doubt, the best bet for long and beautiful hair. Nevertheless, it is important to take care of them the same way as your natural hair whenever you go out. Ensure that your extensions are protected from dust, heavy wind, or pollution, and make sure that external factors are not affecting the bond between your natural hair and extensions. Along with dust and wind, you also need to steer clear from swimming pools since the water in pools is chlorinated. Chlorine can cause severe damage to your extensions; therefore, it is best to stay away from it. 

Refrain From Coloring Your Extensions

If you like to add a pop of color to your hair but don’t want to risk using chemicals on your natural hair, extensions seem a wise choice. However, you must remember that it is best to get colored extensions than natural-colored ones and color them later on. Only natural hair can be colored; however, if you still wish to color your extensions, it is best to rely on professionals. As aforementioned, caring for your extensions is not difficult, there is no need for special products. Following the tips above will help you keep the shine and beauty of your extensions for a longer time. Moreover, your hair care routine gets more simplified when you get extensions from experienced professionals like Britany’s Hair. Here, our hair stylists will not only use standard methods for hair extension application but also help you with a specialized hair care routine. So, what are you waiting for? Get hair extensions from the best hair salon!

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