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Luxury Jacksonville Hair Extensions: Faster, Reliable & Professional

Not everyone is born with the hair of their dreams; if you’re one of them, Jacksonville Hair extensions from Brittany’s Hair are a great way to add length, volume, and thickness to your natural hair. We use 100% human hair extensions that will give you a unique appearance by taking your hair from – Ordinary to Stunning– in no time. At Britanny’s Hair, you get an array of hair extensions, including Tape In Extensions, Fusion Hair Extensions, i-Tip Hair Extensions, and Weft Hair Extensions. Each of these extensions adds a unique identity, allowing us to provide you with a customized experience to meet your needs. Get luxurious, beautiful, and natural-looking results with our –  hair extensions in Jacksonville Fl

An Array Of Hair Extensions

Tape In Extensions

Tape-in extensions are permanent hair extensions that come with pre-taped wefts made of medical grade and are one inch wide. With our Jacksonville hair extension, you get the best, fuller, longer, and more natural-looking hair extensions in a single go.

Fusion Hair Extensions

Unlike Tape-in Extensions, fusion hair extensions come in hair strands with a keratin-based tip. Our hair stylists use a heating element to attach the keratin bond and extension to your hair. The fusion method is safe, effective, comfortable, and long-lasting.

i-Tip Hair Extensions

i-Tip hair extensions are installed with a strand-by-strand application without using glue or heat, which causes less damage to the hair. This extension method perfectly adds length and volume to thin, delicate, average, or thick hair types.

Weft Hair Extensions

The simplest hair extensions are weft hair extensions because it is a collection of pre-woven hair strands. This hair extension is attached to your hair with glue that bonds the strands to your natural hair. Get weft hair extensions from Brittany’s Hair today

Our Featured Brands

At Brittany’s Hair, we’re proud to use only the best quality hair extensions from our featured brands, including Great Length, Hairtalk Extensions, She Professionals, RemiCachet, and Dream Catchers. Each of these brands offers unique hair extension benefits that will add charm to your personality. All these brands allow us to provide you with a personalized experience that meets their unique requirements. If you want to give your hair a special touch, contact us! 

Unmatched Quality & Luxury You Get Here

Premium Quality At An Affordable Price

Brittany’s Hair offers quality hair extensions in Jacksonville Fl at an affordable price. Made with premium quality human hair, our extensions are designed to blend seamlessly with your natural hair to look realistic. Get the hair you have been dreaming of and rock every street with confidence.

Get The Hair Of Your Dream On The Same Day

Feeling sad for not having beautiful and voluminous hair? Get instant hair extensions of any color of your choice. You can contact our expert hair stylists for the right hair extension installation. We also offer an array of colors from ombre to baylage and highlights & customize color formations per your requirements. 

Brittany’s Hair: Your Go-To Destination For Hair Extensions in Jacksonville FL

Are you tired of dealing with thin, small, and lifeless hair? Do you dream of long, voluminous locks that make you feel like a million bucks? Fulfill your hair fantasy with Brittany’s Hair, your premier hair salon for high-quality hair extensions in Jacksonville FL. Our expert hair stylists are specialized in all the latest hair extension methods to help you achieve fullness, volume, and length in your natural hair. Our mission is simple – to help every client feel confident, exceptional, and sexy about their hair.
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  • Expert hair stylists
  • Personalized consultation
  • Years of experience
  • 100% natural hair extensions
  • Customer satisfaction

Ready To Fall In Love With Your Hair?

Frequently Asked Question

Hair extension Jacksonville FL is the best way to add length and save your natural hair from damage. If you want instant hair change, hair extension Jacksonville is your solution.

We offer a range of hair extension services, including Tape in Extensions, Fusion Hair Extensions, i-Tip Hair Extensions, and Weft Hair Extensions.

No, hair extensions will not damage your natural hair. At Brittany’s Hair, we use low heat to secure the extensions to save your natural hair from any harm. 

Yes, the majority of people who wear extensions have fine hair. Since extensions are lightweight, you can easily wear them and add length to your natural hair.

 Hair extension has various benefits such as instant hair color change, low maintenance, affordable, different hairstyles for different occasions, etc.

With proper care and maintenance, hair extensions can last for 6-12 months. Our expert consultants can provide you with proper maintenance tips.

Yes, sleeping with hair extensions is safe but make sure you sleep with a loose ponytail or braid. Using a silk pillowcase will be a cherry on top.

Of course, when hair extensions are applied correctly, they put little stress on hair follicles and protect hair from damage, leading to less hair loss and increased growth.

 It totally depends upon the child’s maturity level and hair health. However, the ideal age is 12 to introduce your child to a protective hairstyle

 Get any type of hair extension from Brittany’s Hair. We’re known for our unique and advanced hair extension techniques. Connect with us today.