I-Tip Hair Extensions Jacksonville

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I-Tip Extensions: Get Your Dream Hair

At Brittany’s Hair, we use I-Tip hair extensions Jacksonville to deliver optimum results. All our extensions are procured from top brands that use 100% REMY human hair, which further means that the extensions are made from the top 20% of hair. In addition to premium quality extensions, our professionals are known for their efficient application. Moreover, our work on I-Tip hair extensions is also featured in renowned magazines such as Passion Magazine and Washington Wizard Girls Calendar. Turn to us for effective I-Tip hair extensions Jacksonville.

I-Tip Hair Extensions Jacksonville: Why You Will Love Them?

I-Tip Hair extensions Jacksonville is the most in-demand method for extensions since these can be reused, need less maintenance and can stay for more than a year (depending on your hair growth). These extensions are made from REMY hair and follow the natural flow of hair. With I-Tip extensions Jacksonville, you can be assured of your desired hair. Along with this, these extensions feature;

Natural Finish

These extensions are applied to smaller sections of your hair to give a natural finish.

Small Bead Thread

We use a small bead thread that matches your hair color; you won't have to worry about threads being visible or breakage due to extension weight.

Less Weight On Hair

Since we sew the I-Tip hair extensions Jacksonville, it ensures that your natural hair will receive less weight, further leading to less tension.

Longer Retention Period

I-Tip extensions Jacksonville can be retained for longer since they are sewn to your hair.

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I-Tip Hair Extensions Jacksonville: Application

Applying I-Tip hair extensions to Jacksonville is easy when done with our experienced professionals. First, our experts will wash and condition your hair because we care for your hair and extensions retain for a longer period on clean hair. Once your hair is dry, our professional will divide your hair into multiple sections using a tail comb & clippers and start with the strand-by-strand application method. Each strand of I-Tip hair extensions Jacksonville is applied to your hair strands using a small bead thread that matches your color. After all the sections are complete, you can enjoy your dream hair.

Why Trust Brittany's Hair For I-Tip Hair Extensions Jacksonville?

Brittany’s Hair is a leading hair extension service provider in Jacksonville. Renowned for our efficiency, we aim to give our clients the hair of their dreams. Whether you wish to have long, straight, and smooth hair or want colored wavy hair, we have I-Tip hair extensions  Jacksonville for all your desired hair. We are here to give life to your imagined hair through our quick application. Besides, we are your best I-Tip hair extension Jacksonville partner because of;

Frequently Asked Question

I-Tip hair extensions Jacksonville are the most unique and common extensions with keratin bonds at their tip. These extensions are attached to your hair with a small bead thread that matches your hair color.

Yes, getting I-Tip hair extensions Jacksonville is worth every dollar as they can be retained for a longer period, need less maintenance, and gives you a fuller and longer hair look.

Brittany’s Hair is the best place for you to get I-Tip hair extensions Jacksonville; we are proficient in applying different kinds of extensions and procuring them from well-known brands.

Yes, washing hair with I-Tip extensions won’t cause any damage to your hair or extensions as they are sewn with a reusable small bead thread.

No, early fallout is not because of combing, but it is majorly due to inadequate application; nevertheless, you can leave these worries behind with Brittany’s Hair.

It completely depends on your hair growth; if it grows faster, you might need maintenance more often. Generally, six to eight weeks is the ideal time between two appointments.

 If you want extensions that can be retained for longer, I-Tip hair extensions are your best bet. However, you can use tape-in, weft, or fusion hair extensions.

Since I-Tip hair extensions Jacksonville need to be sewn along to different sections for hair, they CAN’T be applied at home. Turn to professionals at Brittany’s Hair for effective and quick application.