Weft Hair Extensions Jacksonville

Step Into A World of Voluminous Hair

Weft hair extensions Jacksonville

Weft Hair Extensions: Be The Change

Weft hair extensions Jacksonville are the most common and sought-after extensions; they are easy to apply, feel light on the head, and are reusable. Along with this, weft hair extensions Jacksonville is the easiest way to give your hair a complete makeover. If you seek longer, thicker, and more voluminous hair, weft hair extensions are the ideal solution. Brittany’s Hair procures high-quality and real hair extensions to deliver stunning results.

Weft Hair Extensions Jacksonville: Why You Will Love Them?

Weft hair extensions Jacksonville are your best bet if you seek lightweight and durable extensions. Multiple strands of hair are sewn into a single weft, usually ten to eleven inches long. Weft extensions Jacksonville are available in both single and multi-layers. Since we follow a client-centric approach at Brittany’s Hair, you can also request more layered weft. Our extensions experts will simply sew in additional layers. Along with this, with weft hair extensions Jacksonville, you can also enjoy;

100% REMY Human Hair

We procure our extensions from renowned brands that use 100% REMY human hair, so you get the top 20% of the hair from across the world.

Silicone-free Extensions

All the extensions are free from silicone; you can enjoy the long-hair look without worrying about allergies or scratches.

Soft Weft Seams

Weft hair extensions Jacksonville are sewn into the wefts with soft seams; you don't have to worry about pricks.

Single And Double Wefts

We source both single and double-layered wefts, and additional layers can be sown to the original extensions on client demand.

Weft Hair Extensions Jacksonville: Application

Our weft hair extensions Jacksonville application procedure is pretty simple. As you enter the salon, first, our experts will wash your hair, as clean hair can retain hair extensions for a longer period. Once your hair is dry, our experts will divide your hair into different sections using tail combs and clip-on. After that, weft hair extensions are applied to your hair (not on the scalp) using a strong, non-toxic adhesive. Once the weft hair extensions Jacksonville are set in place, the same procedure is followed for the next section.

Why Trust Brittany's Hair For Weft Hair Extensions Jacksonville?

Brittany’s Hair is a leading hair salon for weft hair extensions Jacksonville. Our experts bring more than three decades of experience to the table and expertise in applying weft hair extensions. We use premium-quality extensions and use the standard sewing /adhesive procedure to apply the extensions. Be assured of long-lasting and stunning results as we use high-quality adhesive and thread that matches your hair color.

Frequently Asked Question

Generally, weft hair extensions Jacksonville can last for over a year; however, one might need maintenance service every six to eight weeks to shift the extensions back to roots depending on the hair growth.

Yes, without a doubt, weft hair extensions Jacksonville are worth every penny spent, and they can be enjoyed for a longer time and cause no damage to the natural hair.

Weft hair extensions cause no harm to your natural hair, provided experienced professionals apply them, and you can get them with Brittany’s Hair.

At Brittany’s Hair, we procure our extensions from renowned brands such as Dream Catchers and SHE Hair Extensions; thus, all the weft hair extensions Jacksonville are made from 100% REMY human hair.

No, you don’t need to be worried about early fallout, provided, you get your extensions from renowned hair stylists like those at Brittany’s Hair. You can book your appointments for weft hair extensions immediately.

Water is the nemesis of weft hair extensions Jacksonville, so it is best to wash hair once or twice a week. You can switch to dry shampoo if you have an oily scalp.

Weft hair extensions Jacksonville need not be removed before sleeping, and they can be retained for over a year with regular maintenance. You can be assured of quality application and retention from Brittany’s Hair.

The best place to get quality weft hair extensions Jacksonville is Brittany’s Hair, and we house experienced professionals and use premium-quality extensions.