I-Tip Hair Extensions:

If we look into the latest United States statistics, the hair extension market is predicted to progress at a CAGR of 6.3% by 2033. Hair thinning and early hair loss gear up the trend of hair extensions to achieve a thick or full-volume look. As demand accelerates, hair extensions are redeveloped based on individual specifications and utilizing advanced technologies. I-tip hair extensions have recently become popular as no heat and adhesive are used to add volume to natural hair. Want to unlock more details? Stay with us for a comprehensive guide.

What’s I-Tip Hair Extensions & How Is It Placed?

One of the common types of microbead extensions that are attached to your natural strands for adding hair thickness. I-tip hair extensions come as small bundled hair with pointy tip edges; your stylist professionally places them on your natural hair using beads. These pliers or beads are too small and flexible to bind your hair together and create a natural look securely. Hair extension tools like pliers and bead threaders strategically place all bundled strands in the required areas.

You can get professional i-tip hair extensions at a reliable hair salon. The striking part of these extensions is they do not require a heating tool or hard adhesive to stick hair strands. Instead, beads are comparatively safer and blend with all hair types or textures. 

How I-tip Hair Extensions Are Apart?

There are numerous reasons why i-tip stands out from other hair extensions. Let’s break down a few key different points that make it a viable choice for hair volumizing.

Lightweight & Easy Installation: Unlike other extensions, the best i-tip hair extensions are too flexible and lightweight. It perfectly blends with your natural hair and is followed by an easy procedure.

Cold Fusion Extensions: I-tip hair extensions are famous for cold fusion because no heat tool is applied to stick strands. Rather, the flatten tool is used to attach beads to your hair. 

No Adhesive Applied: Another significant point of difference is these extensions are attached without any adhesive applications. It saves your natural hair from harsh chemical damage.

Semi-Permanent Extensions: I-tip hair extensions are semi-permanent in nature. These extensions can stick around for 6-9 months with regular adjustment; exceeding three months it requires a touch-up to adjust the placements. 

Suitable For Thin Hair: Due to its lightweight nature, thin hair can sustain the weight of this extension without any damage or breakout. Also, adhesiveless methods make it a more compatible choice for ultra-thin hair textures.

Highlights & Colors: With i-tip hair extensions, you can style using highlights and add any color that suits your hair textures. 

Shelf Life Of I-Tip Hair Extensions

If you opt for the best i-tip hair extensions and follow up with proper care and maintenance, the shelf life can extend from 2 to 6 months. Another key deciding factor for prolonged extensions is choosing an authentic hair salon and trustworthy professionals for extension placements. Additionally, you should follow regular touch-ups and maintenance at your convenience salon. 

The great benefits of professional i-tip hair extensions are they are reusable. Based on your hair growth, these extensions get shifted, and you can easily remove them from professionals and replace them without any hassle. 

Essential Tips You Can Follow For Extensions Aftercare 

As you already know, proper care and maintenance can extend the lifespan of your i-tip hair extensions. Here are key tips you can follow for the aftercare:

  • To maintain the lustre, use a natural bristle brush twice daily before heading to shampoo or hair conditioning.
  • Take extra care while drying your hair and ensure no water is left in beads that keep it hardened. Don’t style before completely drying your hair.
  • You should avoid using silicon-based conditioners for the first few weeks after applying i-tip hair extensions.
  • You should apply treatment oil at the extension’s end to keep it moisturized for styling.

Pros & Cons Of I-Tip Hair Extensions

The pros of i-tip hair extensions include no heavy weaving that constrains your natural hair, so it reduces the risk of constant pulling and tugging.  Since heat tools and chemical-based adhesives are not involved, they can be installed correctly and do not damage follicles. Also, these are the best i-tip hair extensions that remain unnoticeable and sync with your natural hair color and textures.

While there are no such cons of i-tip hair extensions, the maintenance part might be tricky. This extension wearers must comb in a definite way and follow a distinct hair care routine to balance strands. Another point is that pricing fluctuates depending on a client, length, thickness, and head shape.

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