Not everybody is born with a silver spoon, and naturally thick hair doesn’t mean you can never have it! 

Yes, you read that right! It’s not impossible to have thick hair (and good fortune) even though you’ve not had it by birth. Weft hair extensions Jacksonville can make your desire for lengthy and voluminous hair come true! 

Before choosing weft hair extensions to add that “extra” length and volume to your natural hair, you must have an idea of the processes involved in the application, the benefits, and the aftercare procedures. 

So we have listed the details you might need before choosing weft hair extensions Jacksonville

What Are Weft Hair Extensions? 

Under the weft hair extension procedure, hair strands are sewn onto a tiny cloth before attaching it to the hair. The weft is attached to the natural hair either by a machine or can even be sewn by hand, depending upon the technicians’ discretion and the hair type.

It is a painless procedure that adds volume and length without causing much damage to the natural hair. If you think extensions can add up to the natural charm of your hair, then you must consider weft hair extensions Jacksonville to get the best results. 

Procedure To Install Weft Hair Extensions

The process of installing weft hair extensions involves the following steps: 

  • Shampoo and wash your hair before applying the weft. The extensions last longer when applied to clean hair.
  • Make a partition about a few inches from the nape of your neck and attach the first weft strand to the natural hair.
  • Depending on the types of Weft Extensions (Tape In, Beads, or Clip Ins), the installation of the weft to the hair is modified.  


For Tape Ins: The weft is attached to the hair by sandwiching the hair between the strips of the weft. 

For Clip Ins: Easy to apply, this kind of extension is clipped to the natural hair strands without the use of any external chemical or heat. 

Bead Weft Extensions: Using the tiny silicone-lined beads, the weft strands are attached to the roots of the natural hair applied 1/8 inch away from the scalp. 

The main thing to keep in mind is to leave a space of at least 2 inches between each weft to make it look natural and blend the roots with the natural hair.

The ultimate goal of each type of weft extension is to make the natural hair look thicker and more lengthy. If you want to get the best services, then weft hair extensions Jacksonville is the best choice for you. Now that the process of installing weft extensions is clear, it’s time to look at the benefits and aftercare routine. 

Still dicy? Continue reading to find out more about weft hair extensions Jacksonville.

Weft Hair Extensions Aftercare

The application of weft hair extensions is not the final step; an additional step to make your extensions last longer is to follow the proper aftercare steps. Here’s a list of the steps that you can follow to keep your hair extensions in place. 

The usage of sulfate-free hair products is advised. This includes products ranging from Clarifying “detox” shampoo to Smoothing Cream, Ultra-hydrating Leave-In Conditioners and Ultra-Hydrating Signature Hair Mask that you can buy from Goldie Locks.  The chemical can weaken the weft hair reducing the extensions’ life cycle. 

Avoid using heat for styling your hair post the extensions as it can break the bond formed between the natural hair and the weft. It’s not completely prohibited, so you can use heat carefully without bringing it too close to the roots. Using a heat protectant spray before using a straightening or curling iron is advised.

To ensure that the extensions last longer, one should avoid the usage of tight hair/rubber bands and other hair accessories that pull the roots of the hair, which can make the extensions lose. 

Another post-extension tip that should be followed is to completely dry your hair after giving it a wash. It is also advised to detangle your hair once completely dry so that the roots are not strained. 

After this detailed guide to post-extension hair care, if you are determined to get hair extensions, then you can consider weft hair extensions Jacksonville as one of your options to get extensions! 

Is It A Yes To Hair Extensions?

It has been documented that hair extensions date back to Ancient Egypt, where men and women used extensions to make hairstyles to show their wealth by making distinct hairstyles that separated them from the common folks. Interesting right? The purpose of hair extensions has not changed much since then. Recently, people have used hair extensions to amp up their beauty and add an extra element of style to natural hair. 

But unlike the ancient Egyptians, now people have a vast variety of types and styles to choose from. Ranging from Tape-ins and Sew-ins to Fusion Hair and Weft extensions, one has a wide range of options to choose from. If you want the benefit of selecting from a wide range of extensions, Brittany’s Hair is a one-stop destination for all your extension needs. The trained experts can provide you with the best weft hair extensions Jacksonville and other services like fusion hair extensions, I-Tips, and much more. Brittany’s Hair is the best hair salon for all your extension-related needs.

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