You must have heard of a “no-makeup-makeup look”, but have you ever heard of a “no-extensions-extension-look”? Hand tied extensions are the new ambassadors of this look!  

If ever you feel like adding extra volume and length to your hair, then you must for once consider the use of hand tied extensions, a new addition to the already existing hair extension techniques. Intrigued to know more about this concept? Keep reading! 

Hand Tied Extensions? Never Heard Of Them Before! 

Out of the multitude of techniques used for installing hair extensions, hand tied extensions are a set of hair weft sewn into the natural hair using beads attached in a row of natural hair. The extensions are placed onto the rows of hair, giving a natural yet enhanced look to your hair. The stylist uses a foundation or a row of beads onto the client’s hair, and then the hair weft is carefully weaved / hand sewed onto the rows of the foundation laid.

This is a relatively new technique for installing hair extensions, and it gives a fuller and better appearance to the hair, adding both length and thickness. This type of hair extension technique is generally preferred by people who want to add volume to their hair but in a natural way. 

The Process Of Applying Hand Tied Extensions 

The process of applying hand tied extensions needs precision and skill. So it is best to leave the application to the professionals. Even though the basic application process remains the same, the stylist has to leave some room for customizability to ensure that each client gets the desired results.

The basic process involves making a beaded track as the foundation and then placing the wefts onto the laid beaded tracks. The stylists can customize the number of rows according to the client’s needs and then sew in the prepared hair wefts.

And in case you want the extensions removed…..

Removing the extensions is as simple as its application, provided you seek the necessary professional treatment. The process of hand tied extensions removal starts with hair detangling, followed by separating the rows where the extension was applied. The technician then opens the beads and carefully separates the wefts from the natural hair. The entire removal process takes less time, and it is hassle-free & pain-free. 

Is It Suitable For All Hair Types? 

The application of hand tied extensions is possible on all hair types; just the volume and process may differ! Be it short or long, curly or silky, hand tied extensions are an all-rounder. All you have to do is contact the hair specialist and let them do the rest! 

Short Hair…Not A Problem! 

To add a little volume and a few inches to your hair, the best option will be the application of hand tied extensions for full coverage, which can give you the most natural look. 

Curly Hair? Bring It On! 

Even though the option of curly hand tied extensions is limited, most hand tied extensions are available in a straight hair texture. It is still possible to get it for curly hair, and the application and removal process will be the same for it. 

Take Thin Hair A Notch Higher! 

Hand tied extensions work best for thin hair, as they are mainly used to add extra volume in the most natural way possible, which makes the hair look better and fuller after the application. 

In short, you can rock a hand tied weft with any hair type! If you want to add an extra edge to your extensions and the overall look, you can also go for a full hair makeover!

The Two Sides Of Hand Tied Extensions 

There are positives and negatives attached to everything, and hand tied extensions are no exception. Along with all the benefits, there are some limitations associated with the process. Let’s analyse both pros and cons of the process.

The Process Is Worth It Because….  


The application of hand tied extensions does not require the use of additional heat or chemical adhesive, so it is better, and the process is one of the processes that maintain the natural health of the hair causing minimum damage. 

Lightweight & Manageable 

Hand tied extensions are pretty lightweight and easy to manage. Carrying these extensions is easy as the extension is made of natural hair, and the installation process is quite simple and hassle-free. This type of extension maintains the utmost comfortability. 

Natural Appearance 

hand tied extensions give a natural look to the hair. It does not necessarily provide a complete 360-degree transformation, but it amps up the natural hair, making it appear voluminous and adding up a few extra inches. The use of these extensions ensures that the client gets the look closest to the natural appearance of the hair. 

Style It The Way You Want

Since no chemical or extra heat is applied in the process of installing hand tied extensions, you can style your hair the way you want. Be it straightening or curling, you can do it all. There are minimal restrictions compared to the other extension techniques, as the application does not involve any additional heat/chemicals. 

There are a few limitations to the process… 

The process of hand tied extensions is not free from loopholes, some of which are listed below: 

The process of maintenance can be a little hefty. The care of these delicate hair wefts can be a little burdensome as you will need to regularly detangle and brush the hair to make the extensions last longer. 

Since the entire process requires procession and skills, the cost may be a little extravagant. For the same reasons, the process can take a little time for the first few sessions. 

Now that you know about hand tied extensions inside out, “whether you want to get the extensions or not” is your decision! If you are impressed with the benefits and qualities of hand tied extensions, you must consult a specialist to get your extensions installed. Brittany’s Hair can be the best destination for all your extension needs. Not only hand tied extensions, but we also provide tape-in, weft, and fusion hair extensions. 

If you want professional guidance regarding the maintenance and installation of hair extensions, you can schedule an appointment with us and get hold of a variety of hair extension services with Brittany’s Hair. 

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