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Hair extensions have been a styling segment in recent years. You will find an exclusive variety of hair extensions with varied lengths, color shades, highlights and textures, ranging from clip-in and tape-in to weft extensions. If you are new to extensions, you must have fallen for the most common misconception: ‘Do hair extensions ruin your hair?’ Depending on the individual’s viewpoint, more myths are added to the list connected with hair extension damage. 

Let’s gather all the required information on myths and misconceptions about hair extensions. This will clarify the use of hair extensions and help you explore all the trending hairstyles. 

Is It True? Do Hair Extensions Ruin Your Hair?

This is one of the common myths that people believe: Do hair extensions ruin your hair? Simply put, NO! Hair extensions do not cause any discomfort or ruin your hairstyle if you opt for trusted professionals. Hair extensions are created using human-drawn hair. If you are considering high-quality extensions, they will blend with your natural hair and texture. Due to the considerable methods of hot and cold fusion for hair, people make an assumption that hair extension can damage your natural hair. 

The only thing that can ruin your natural hair is if the precise pattern for the installation is not followed. This can cause adjustment issues like the wrong length, extension fallout, stretched hair, and pull-ups from the roots. If you seek a professional in Jacksonville to get blended hair extensions, there will be no adjustment issues or any bad experiences with the hair.

Common Myths for Hair Extension Damage

Although we have already covered the biggest common myth about hair extension damage: Do hair extensions ruin your hair? Let’s cover the other myths and misconceptions to help you understand how to get the best extensions that blend well with your hair. 

#Hair Extension Doesn’t Look Natural 

Just like the myth ‘Do hair extensions ruin your hair?’ found to be baseless, hair extensions don’t appear to be natural and do not hold any truth. They appear to be as natural as your normal hair, with the same sleek, textured, and voluminous hair quality. It is advisable to use only high-quality extensions of trusted brands. 

#Hair Extensions Are Visible 

Another common myth is that hair extensions are easily visible and clearly seen through normal eyes. In reality, hair extensions seem real if they are installed properly; they blend well with your natural hair, and no one can notice any difference when you are wearing them. 

#No Hair Growth; If Extensions Is Applied 

People get confused about extensions affecting their hair growth and search for ‘Do hair extensions ruin your hair growth?’. As some extensions are applied to the roots, this can create confusion that they can interfere with hair growth by damaging the hair follicles. However, this is not the right fact; extensions do not disturb the hair growth process. 

#Hair Extensions Are Uncomfortable to Wear

Hair extensions are artificial hair, so it creates a common myth that it can make you feel uncomfortable while managing your daily life routine. Hair extensions also provide the same level of comfort as your natural hair. With installed hair extensions, you can go ahead with all your daily activities without any interruption. 

#Hair Extensions Get You Headache 

Many people think that attached hair extensions can cause headaches due to the exerted pressure on the hair roots. This is also not a reality; you can apply lightweight hair extensions that swiftly put on with your natural hair and do not cause any headaches. You can even comb it like your normal hair without any stretching. 

#We Can’t Wash Hair Extensions 

It is also a common misconception that hair extensions cannot be washed; however, there are conditioners and shampoos available that are specifically suited for extensions. You can follow your normal hair-washing regimen to get rid of dirt and oil buildup, so washing your hair extension will not be that difficult to achieve a clean scalp. 

#Hair Extensions Get Tangled 

If you regularly use hair extensions, you will know that it is just a myth. Like natural hair, extensions might also get tangled, but you can easily comb and detangle them. It is not the permanent nature of extensions to get stuck around; they have the same flip and bouncy texture as normal hair.

#It Is Too Hard to Maintain Extensions 

Do hair extensions ruin hair maintenance and make it a hard process? It is only a myth that hair extensions are hard to maintain; with the best haircare and after-care, you can easily enjoy the best maintenance. If you are heading to professionals, consult for follow-up treatments that will help retain the extension’s texture.

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