The popularity of weft extensions is increasing day by day due to their longevity and minimal maintenance. It differs from other extensions as it can be hand-weaved into your natural hair, creating an aesthetic look. Also, the maintenance routine for weft extensions takes little time; you can even prepare it with air drying. Depending on your hair texture and quality, your stylist will suggest the right types of weft extensions that look good on you.

Different types of weft extensions are available online and offline to let you style your natural hair. Let’s throw some light on these types and how they are different.

Types of Weft Extensions 

Stylists use multiple ways and techniques to create a perfect weft extension look for your natural hair. It can be pasted on your natural strands using weaving, bonding, clips, and tape-ins. Weft hair extensions are a great hack to add more volume, length, and different coloring to your hair. It is too convenient to apply, take a few minutes, and stay for weeks & months. 

Let’s understand the different types of weft extensions you can style with to get a unique look.

Machine Weft Extensions: How Is It Different?

These wefts are made with a specialized weaving machine that stitches hair with a thin base material. Machine wefts are quite different types of weft extensions and are more suitable for thick and coarse hair textures. One technique to apply the extension is through braiding, where the natural hair is wrapped around the base foundation. Another widespread technique top hair stylists use is beaded foundation, as it reduces the tension against the scalp and is easy to set. It can also be taped or glued to your hair; however, sewing makes it static. 

Mostly, it is advisable to avoid machine wefts with thin hair because thin strands can’t bear the weight of machine wefts and increase the tension for the scalp. You can consult your hair stylist to get advice on these terms. If you have thicker hair, machine weft would be your best option. 

Hand Tied Wefts 

The next type of weft extension you can try is Hand-tied wefts. It is made using hand-tying strands on the base material. The hand-tied weft has a thinner texture as it is hand-made, unlike thicker machine weft, making it more suitable for people who have thin hair. Due to its lightweight, it adds more flexibility and also comes in pre-cut smaller pieces. Professionals use the technique of sewing, glue, and tape-in to attach the weft to your natural hair. However, the beading technique to attach weft to natural hair is also getting more popular in the market. Professionals have two options for beading: hand-tied rows that weigh 2 ounces, whereas hand-tied wefts have an overall weight of 4 ounces.

Genius Weft Extensions

It is a widely popular semi-permanent hand-tied hair extension design that allows the wearer to cut the weft for a perfect look. The texture of hair extension is too light, flat, and thin, which creates an invisible outlook and blends with natural hair. People are inclined towards this style, as Genius weft causes no scalp irritation, shedding, or matting. Genius Wefts brings you the benefit of both machine and hand-tied weft extensions, offering flawless quality. 

Genius weft extensions are reusable and have more durability and better strength. Also, it has no return hair, as it can be tangled with natural hair to cause scalp irritation; with genius weft, there is no complaint. Further, the stylist can customize the weft by cutting based on their convenience. 

How Long Do Weft Extensions Last?

On average, the span life of any weft extensions ranges between 6 to 8 weeks. However, it can last for months to a year, with maintenance every six weeks, depending on how well the wearer cares for them. If a wearer uses weft extensions occasionally and follows care measures, it can last up to 3 months. 

For the longevity part, factors like hair quality and comfort level affect it to a large extent. You can take your weft extensions out to relax your scalp for a while. It can increase the shelf life of your weft extensions. 

General Tips To Keep In Mind For Wefts Care

While styling with different types of weft extensions, it is essential to take care of them. Your stylist will suggest a few aftercare tips that increase the longevity of extensions. Here are a few common recommendations for weft extension care:

  • Wash your hair twice weekly using sulfate-free shampoo and conditioners made for extensions.
  • While brushing, you should use a hair-detangling brush to avoid snagging.
  • Remember to rub your towel gently around the wefts while drying your hair.
  • Braiding your hair or trying a loose ponytail before sleeping is advisable to save your weft from damage.
  • Use serum and natural oil to keep the hair and scalp hydrated.

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