Tape-in Vs. Fusion Hair Extension: Does The Difference Matter?

Hair extensions are different from wigs; they blend with your natural hair and give it a flawless, thicker, and longer appearance. Every woman fantasizes about longer hair; there is something romantic and beautiful about them. Longer hair is also said to be similar to channelling the wildest dreams. 

While you can’t grow hair overnight, you sure can turn to hair extensions. Speaking of extensions, the two most popular extensions currently are fusion and tape-in hair extensions. Both are different but does the difference matter? Scroll down the write to see if the difference is worth considering! 

What Are Fusion Hair Extensions? 

One of the most trending and vastly demanded extensions is fusion hair extensions. These hair extensions are the safest and give you a natural shine and length. Fusion hair extensions are available in several natural and colored shades; thus, they are the perfect way to give your hair a longer and even colored look, that too without the worries of chemicals destroying your natural hair! Besides, fusion hair extensions are made from 100% REMY hair, which means these follow the natural flow of hair growth. 

Fusion hair extensions are strands of hair attached with keratin bonds, and since natural hair is also made of 95% keratin, these have no ill effects. These types of extensions can be applied to your hair in two ways – hot bonds and cold bonds. As indicated by their names, the hot bonds method uses low heat to secure the extensions to your natural hair. On the other hand, the cold bond method does not include any heat. 

What Are Tape-in Hair Extensions?

Contrary to fusion hair extensions, tape-in extensions are adhesive-based. Tape-in hair extensions are pre-taped strands of 100% REMY hair. These extensions usually come attached on a one-and-a-half-inch weft. This weft is then attached to your natural hair (they are attached to your roots to ensure the natural flow of your hair). Tape-in hair extensions are easier to apply as compared to fusion hair extensions; however, they still need an expert. Trying to applying them at your home can damage the quality of your natural hair since there is a high chance that the adhesive may get stuck to your roots, which can further clog your hair follicles and reduce hair growth. 

Nevertheless, when tape-in extensions are applied by an expert, they give your hair a natural-looking, fuller, and thicker hair appearance. Moreover, the application process for tape-in extensions generally takes one to two hours. 

Retention Span – Which Extensions Last Longer?

Now that you know what fusion and tape-in extensions are, it must be easy to choose based on your hair. However, before you make your final choice, you also need to know about their retention span.  

Fusion hair extensions, when applied by certified professionals, can be retained for three-five months without maintenance. Nevertheless, this number is also dependent on the individual’s hair growth. For instance, if your hair grows fast, your roots can outgrow the extensions, and you might need a fusion extensions maintenance service in six to eight weeks. This span can be extended if your hair grows slowly. Regardless of the hair growth, if you take timely maintenance services, fusion hair extensions can last up to a year. 

On the contrary, tape-in extensions generally stay on for four to eight weeks. Since these extensions are adhesive-based, the smaller span is beneficial since it will minimize (if any) chance of natural hair damage. So, if you are looking for a quick hair makeover and are easily bored, tape-in extensions might be the ideal pick. Fusion hair extensions can be a better pick if you are looking for extensions that stay on for a long time. 

Tape-in V/S Fusion Hair Extensions: Is There A Difference? 

From the information above, it is clear that fusion and tape-in extensions are different, and both have their own pros and cons. Where fusion extensions can be retained for longer with regular maintenance, tape-in extensions are more popular for less retention span. Besides, both types of extensions have different application methods.  

However, when it comes down to if this difference matters, the answer would be NO. Even though the application procedure for both extensions differs, fusion and tape-in extensions can give you a similar look. Since both are made from 100% REMY hair, both follow the natural flow of your hair and give you the same length, fuller, and thicker appearance. So, it will be best to choose the one based on how long you wish to carry the extensions. 

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