How Long Do Hair Extensions Last?

While styling with unique hair extensions has become an iconic trend, does this extension last for a long time? Multiple factors, like man-made or synthetic or brand choice, determine the durability of hair extensions The existing market comes up with a wide range of hair extensions on the basis of texture and techniques that are used to attach them to natural hair. If you are a beginner exploring hair extensions and wondering whether it is worth investing in them, stay with us. Let’s address your question in the blog ahead and unfold multiple factors on which hair extension lifespan depends. 

What’s The Ideal Lifespan of A Hair Extension?

Clip-ins, tape-ins, weaves, pre-bonded, fusion, wigs, and the list goes on for hair extensions. So, does that mean each extension has a different shelf life? Yes, depending on the type of hair extensions, the average lifespan varies from weeks to months. On average, any high-quality human hair extensions can last for 6 to 12 months. 

With proper care, the wearer can extend the durability of extensions before buying a new one. Firstly, you have to understand what types of extensions are available and how they are different in terms of attachment. 

Let’s explore different hair extensions and find out how long they last with proper maintenance.

Clip-In Extensions

When it comes to investing in the best hair extensions, human hair clip-in comes as the ultimate investment. From texture to quality, it has all the factors to be the top choice for styling with extensions. Another type you can use is synthetic clip-in extensions, but they will not handle your heat tools and require more care. 

If you take good care of them and maintain them properly with chemical-free products, human hair clip-in extensions might last for 7 to 12 months, while synthetic extensions can last for 4 to 6 months. For maintenance, avoid sulphated-based shampoo and conditioners and gently brush them. 

Pre-Bonded Or Fusion Hair Extensions

These hair extensions are attached to the natural hair root using tools by hair experts. It creates a fuller look for hair and blends with your natural look. The ideal lifespan of fusion hair extensions might range between 3 and 4 months, depending on how meticulously you maintain them. You can use heat protection to save the texture and a soft brush to comb.

Tape In Hair Extensions

Using an adhesive weft tape, tape in hair extensions gets attached to your natural hair where the gap emerges. It is ideally popular as it doesn’t require heat and lets your natural hair grow easily. Based on your maintenance and care, these extensions can last for 4 to 8 weeks. While maintaining tape in extension, one of the crucial things is never to brush wet hair; instead, let it dry so that it doesn’t get damaged. 

Sew-In Hair Extensions

Next, we have sew-in hair extensions, where the natural hair is braided into cornrows first and then extensions sewed into them. So, one with a thicker hair texture found it more suitable for styling. Due to the sewing factors, these extensions have comparatively shorter lifespans and might last for 6 to 8 weeks with proper care. You should moisturize your scalp and edges to induce hair growth. 

Micro/Nano Ring Extensions 

For these extensions, hair stylists take a small portion of your natural hair and attach tiny wefts into those parts using beads or nano rings. No heat and glue are used to attach the extensions, and that is what many wearers appreciate. The lifespan can range between 3 and 4 months, depending on how effectively you maintain extensions. As the beads are attached to the roots of your natural hair, they require more caution during maintenance.

After going through the details, we understand how crucial it is to take good care of your extensions to increase their durability. Next, let’s jump into how to make the most of hair extensions and share some effective tips. 

Hair Extension Care Tips You Must Follow!

Whether you are a beginner in hair extensions or an expert, your extension maintenance routine creates a big difference in making it last longer. Like natural hair, these extensions are fragile and need good care to stay attached. Let’s go through a few common hair extension care tips:

  • Wash them properly, but avoid harsh chemical-based products like sulphate shampoo or conditions.
  • Never go to sleep with your wet extensions; use a towel and dry them properly.
  • Always choose a gentle brush while combing your hair with extensions, as it can get tangled up and de-attached.
  • For maintenance, you can follow a weekly conditioning treatment for your hair growth.
  • Minimize heat damage to your hair as maximum as you can.
  • While heading to sleep, you can tie your hair loosely to avoid tangled strands once you wake up.
  • Be gentle while separating your tangled strands, as it might damage your natural hair roots.

So, if you want your hair extension to last longer, keep following these aftercare tips to enhance its quality for more time. You can get in touch with your hair stylist for more personalized guidance on maintaining your extension. They will guide you to the best routine and hair care products. 

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