Do Hair Extensions Ruin Your Hair? Myths and Misconceptions

Do Hair Extensions Ruin

Hair extensions have been a styling segment in recent years. You will find an exclusive variety of hair extensions with varied lengths, color shades, highlights and textures, ranging from clip-in and tape-in to weft extensions. If you are new to extensions, you must have fallen for the most common misconception: ‘Do hair extensions ruin your […]

Types of Hair Loss: Bald Spots & Beyond Signs

Types of Hair Loss: Bald Spots & Beyond Signs

On average, a healthy human scalp has about 100,000 to 150,000 hairs. Our hair strands have a definite lifecycle; after completing that, eventually, they fall out following three stages of the hair growth cycle: anagen phase, catagen phase, and telogen phase. But have you witnessed extra hair thinning, shedding, or bald spots and wondering if […]

How to Wash Hair Extensions? Follow The Steps!

How to Wash Hair Extensions

  Washing hair extensions can be a daunting experience! People often struggle with selecting the right cleaning regimen and search on the internet for ‘how to wash hair extensions’. To lock the texture and lustre of hair extensions, you are required to follow an effective care routine distinct from what you follow for your natural […]

What Makes V-Light Hair Extensions Different?

V-Light Hair Extensions

  V-light hair extensions are among the most versatile extensions available in the market and are now becoming popular among those who love long, dense, and gorgeous hair. The best part about these extensions is that they can easily blend with your natural hair color and are so comfortable to wear that they feel like […]

I-Tip Hair Extensions: Here Is Everything You Need To Know

I-Tip Hair Extensions:

  If we look into the latest United States statistics, the hair extension market is predicted to progress at a CAGR of 6.3% by 2033. Hair thinning and early hair loss gear up the trend of hair extensions to achieve a thick or full-volume look. As demand accelerates, hair extensions are redeveloped based on individual […]

How Long Do Hair Extensions Last? – A Comprehensive Guide!

How Long Do Hair Extensions Last?

  While styling with unique hair extensions has become an iconic trend, does this extension last for a long time? Multiple factors, like man-made or synthetic or brand choice, determine the durability of hair extensions The existing market comes up with a wide range of hair extensions on the basis of texture and techniques that […]

Different Types of Weft Extensions For Adding Length and Volume

The popularity of weft extensions is increasing day by day due to their longevity and minimal maintenance. It differs from other extensions as it can be hand-weaved into your natural hair, creating an aesthetic look. Also, the maintenance routine for weft extensions takes little time; you can even prepare it with air drying. Depending on […]

The Best Technique For Hair Extension For Thin Hair

Anybody who has thin hair knows the true value of a good hairstyle, mainly because they cannot get one themselves. Maintaining thin hair is not an easy task as one constantly searches for hairstyles that are suitable for thin hair but can’t find any. We have good news for you; this blog will tell you […]

What Are The Best Hair Extensions For Gorgeous Hair?

Tired of short and thin hair? Want to style them uniquely? Hair extensions are the solution. Put a smile on your face by flaunting long and voluminous hair. Know more about hair extensions in this blog! Hair extensions have quickly become a popular way to get the desired hairstyle. Whether you want to add length, […]

Microlink Vs Tape-In Extensions: Which One Is Better?

Microlink Vs Tape-In Extensions: Which One Is Better?

In this modern era, self-styling is highly valued, especially when it comes to hair for women. So, there are numerous methods, services, and treatments that exist to enhance the appearance of hair. One of the most sought-after options is hair extensions, which can contribute to natural hair growth and reinforce its strength. Women choose extensions […]